Wyvern King Art

19 | He/They

Hey, welcome to my Carrd! Online I go by Muntague, or Munty for short. I am a TransMasc artist just looking to get by and make some extra money through art to help me with my living expenses.

Here you can find my commisson pricing and examples, my terms of service, and links to all of my art related social media platforms.


I will draw for money! I draw most things, both SFW and NSFW, however I do have a few hard limits listed in my terms of service. Aside from that though, pretty much everything is fair game. Furries, Humans/Humanoids, Monsters, it's all good!

My turnaround for work can range from two days to over a month depending on the complexity and my work schedule, as well as your place in the queue. Estimates can be given during discussion and the commission process.

This section will be categorized by pricing, with appropriate examples provided in each designated section.

All of my rates are exclusively in USD, and are subject to a 5-10USD increase depending on complexity of character designs and poses.

All payments are taken exclusively through PayPal unless alternate forms of payment are discussed.

No, exposure is not a valid form of payment.
No, I will not do pieces for free.

Payment via art trades and character designs are a case by case basis, please feel free to approach me to ask about availability for trades!

All pieces come with half, full, marked, and non marked variants. Simple backgrounds consisting of simple colors, patterns, and frames are typically provided free of charge. Transparent versions of pieces with only the characters and no backgrounds are free of charge upon request.

All pieces and prices shown are accounting for full rendering. If you would like to request flats, sketches, or just line art, please contact me and we can discuss alternate prices through messages.

Profiles, head shots, and busts

Profiles, head shots, and busts are all shoulder/chest up pieces that run for 25 USD each.

Half Body and Partial Pieces

Half body and partial pieces run from 35-45 USD and will often include everything above the waist(35) or knee(45) line, depending on the piece.

Full Body Pieces and reference sheets

Full body pieces and reference pieces start from 60 USD and up depending on complexity and add ons for references.

Extra characters are discounted at a starting price of 30 USD per character, and are flexible depending on complexity and how much of the character is visible in the piece.

Complicated reference sheets with multiple body shots are not typically shaded, and can be difficult to price depending on what is wanted in a sheet. These pieces are highly individual and will run on weird prices which must be discussed and finalized ahead of time. Multiple outfits, forms, headshots/expression sheets, and other items and information all affect the pricing and formatting of these pieces and take significantly longer to complete, thus requiring higher prices. For anything that isn't a simple mirrored reference, please be aware there will be a minimum of a 10-30 USD added fee for extra content.

Anything more than a simple background will also be taken into account of pricing and discussed. I am admittedly not very good with backgrounds, and do not do them often. Free to use/royalty free photographs from stock sites can be inserted as backgrounds and settings. Because these are for profit pieces, using images can be tricky. I will not use backgrounds from existing media and shows, I will only use royalty free images where their use for profit does not violate the content owner's terms of service.

NSFW commission information

NSFW commissions run at the same price as my SFW pieces, but with a 20% added fee in pricing for sexually explicit pieces. Yes, it's a horny tax. Horny art takes more effort than regular pieces. Gore will not typically hold this fee unless it is a complicated array of insides becoming outsides.

What qualifies as NSFW?

Full nudity, sexually explicit imagery and characters, and gore of any kind(regular, candy, goo, etc.).

The rule of thumb is if you'd get fired for showing it to a manager, it's NSFW. Yes, even just 'lewd' content qualifies for this category.

I am much better at drawing masculine figures in these kinds of works, this is a fair disclaimer if you are requesting feminine figures to be drawn. I also cannot draw feet, so they will usually be covered up with convenient placement or stockings/socks, or simply cropped from the frame. Paws however are totally fine. Feet just kinda squick me out.

All explicit examples below are cropped to avoid showing showing genitals. Full examples can be provided privately in commission discussion. Gore pieces will also be included and placed strictly at the end of the gallery so nothing more than a thumbnail has to be visible for those who do not wish to see gore.

My terms of service

My terms are simple, and I ask that they be respected. Failure to follow these terms will result in being banned from commissioning me again in the future.

I will not sell to minors without directly speaking to the parent/legal guardian/whoever owns the money/payment account first. I will only sell SFW content to individuals under the age of 18. I don't want to deal with the mess that is a kid stealing a parent's card or account to pay for art, and then have an angry parent come at me demanding a refund after payment.

All payments are taken before the final project completion. This is done after the rough sketch has been approved, and before line art begins. Up until this point you can back out and change what you want, but after payment is processed there are no refunds and no major changes to the piece in progress. This rule is inflexible due to cost reasons.

There are no refunds unless I for some reason fail to complete a piece. You cannot back out after payment. Dissatisfaction with a completed piece is not grounds for a refund. You've seen my art and examples, I give you a preliminary sketch before the inking process begins, you know what kind of art and content you signed up for when you made this purchase.

As the creator of this piece, I reserve the right to post my art wherever I please. This includes SFW and NSFW works. You can request I do not post pieces publicly, but unless this is requested this rule is a given. I do not have issue with not posting certain works publicly upon request.

For you as the commissioner posting, I will only allow the watermarked versions to be posted on public platforms. You can post non watermarked versions in group chats if you really want to, but to prevent art and character theft this is ill advised. All publicly posted pieces must be credited as well with a link to one of my platforms or tagging my account on the corresponding website. I have no issues with being tagged, and would loved to be tagged if you would like to share your purchased art and characters!

For purchased and custom designs, I only have a few major rules. I must be credited for the original design, and characters are not to be resold at higher prices unless more art is made and/or commissioned for them. If you buy a character and make or commissioned art, then they can be priced accordingly based on the extra content provided.

What you do with a character after purchasing it is up to you, go nuts. However if you do something that I do not endorse with that character, that's on you. Do not drag me into your beliefs/actions or backlash due to your beliefs/actions just because I sold you a design.

I do not sell my work to pedophiles, zoophiles, or individuals who endorse alt-right/fascist beliefs. This includes racists, homophobes, transphobes, etc. etc. MAPs are also included under pedophiles, I do not care if you are anti contact or whatever, stay the hell away from my pages. If I reject your inquiries because you fall into these categories, don't try to act surprised and play the victim over it.

Adding to the previous term, I reserve my right to refuse and reject commissions for any reason. If this rejection occurs post-payment(though this would be an extremely rare case), a full refund WILL be given. I'm not the type to just run off with money, and I can be held to this standard. If a refund cannot be given immediately, it will be given as soon as I have the funds to issue a proper refund.

I reserve my right to increase prices for rush projects. This will be discussed before payment. A rush project is anything that must be completed in a week or less. Your lack of time management is on you, and is not my burden to deal with unless I am given suitable compensation, especially if that week is already busy with work or other outer affairs which takes away from my energy and time available to do art.

blacklist / What I will not draw

I want to get what I WON'T draw posted clearly, so here it is. There should be no excuse of not knowing I had this list as it literally has its own entire page dedicated to it.

This list will contain triggering content.

It should be common sense I won't draw this, but sometimes it needs to just be blatantly put out there for people to get it sometimes. As an SFW and NSFW content creator, this list feels important to me for a wide range of audience members and potential buyers which may not be familiar with me as a person and may request content that will only be turned away. It saves time for myself and that client, but mostly myself.

Loli/Shota/Cub content
+And any under aged character in general.
+If you request this content from me it will be an immediate hard block and a report to the appropriate tip line. I do not take this lightly.
DDLG and Age Regression Kink Content
+This ties in with the above, and holds a lot of personal disgust.
+This includes infantilization of adults, anything containing diapers or objects typically associated with children, babies, and toddlers.
+Animals CANNOT consent.
Sexually Explicit Feral Content
+No, I do not care if your feral dog character has human intelligence, it's not going to happen.
+Taurs and fantasy/mythological creatures are exempt from this rule so long as they do clearly possess human levels of sapience and intelligence and are not too similar to real world animals. Think DnD dragons or Sphynxes.
+For further referencing, I suggest looking through this monster litmus test by Mr. Sewers on Twitter. It is very similar to what I believe in, and yes, this is used with permission.

MR. SEWERS (18+ Warning)

Non Consensual Situations
+I will not budge on this. I highly value consent and for personal reasons I cannot bring myself to draw this kind of content.
Artwork Glorifying/Endorsing Hateful Symbols/Organizations/Beliefs
+This means anything with Alt-Right/Fascist symbolism being portrayed in a positive light.
+Cops, ICE, and similar organizations are very much included in this.
Bathroom Related Fetishes
+Scat, Watersports, Etc.
+Just not my thing.
Other people's original characters in explicit situations without the owner's consent.
+Canon characters from varying media is fine.
Stolen characters/designs.
+You can use existing characters as inspiration for a custom design, but I am not drawing you a clone copy of an OC which you may be trying to pass off as your own without actually owning the character.


You can find me on the sites below!
I use Twitter and Toyhouse the most often, but I do occasionally post to Deviantart and Waterfall.

The BEST place to contact me for questions/commissions is TWITTER. I check Twitter the most often, so you chances of getting a quick response are best there. My DMs are open.